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10 day-to-day items Uncle’s 2-wheeler can deliver for you in a jiffy

How many times have you missed taking things while traveling to your office or on your way back? Do you want to set up items from your office workstation to your home workstation? Need a few important documents sent across urgently to your loved ones in the other part of the city? The festive season is just around the corner, wanna share some sweets, bouquets and gifts with your dear friends living a little far from you? Don’t worry! For all this & more, you absolutely have Uncle Delivery - the perfect partner for all your logistic needs.

Uncle Delivery started off as a platform to bridge the gap and address inefficiencies in the last mile logistics sector. We are transforming the way items & goods are transported in and around cities, enabling our users to move anything & everything on demand. We are now available in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and are growing every other month.

Uncle Delivery Kar, Raho Befikar

10 day-to-day essential items Uncle Delivery can help bring to your doorstep from anywhere, anytime:

  1. Work supplies
  2. Forgotten items
  3. Groceries & food products
  4. Your lunch box, garma garam
  5. Gifts for your loved ones
  6. Medicines
  7. Urgent needs
  8. Pet & plant essentials
  9. Fashion & garment accessories
  10. Baby care
  • Work supplies

Be it small essentials for your office like stationery, books & files or bigger consignment / parcel that need to be sent to & fro every day, Uncle Delivery has got you covered. We can also help move items really quick from your work space / warehouse to your client/retailer & vendor's places and vice versa saving you from all the hassles and exorbitant transportation costs.

  • Forgotten items

Missed carrying your charger for an important day at work or an office document for a client meeting? Need your laptop delivered to your house so you can work from home the next day? Left your clothes at your cousin's place after the party and need them now? Your books are with your friend and you're stuck now unable to step out due to heavy rains?? The list of items you can forget to carry is big, we know! So we have kept the list of items we can deliver, even bigger. So, chill!

  • Groceries & food products

From delivering perishable items like fresh meat, fruits, & veggies to other groceries and food packets, Uncle's 2-wheeler can make your life much easier and get any eatables to your kitchen right in time. Not just that, if you are missing your granny's gajar ka halwa or your mom's mutter paneer, and are far from their place, get it delivered phata-phat through Uncle Delivery. After all, we promise to deliver not just your items, but also your happiness & smiles :)

  • Your lunch box, garma garam

Who doesn't like their food served fresh & hot? Get your lunch box packed with love by your dear one and delivered with care by our driver partners, so that you can eat dishes- healthy, home-made and hot.

Pro tip: It's raining cats & dogs everywhere in Mumbai. How about sending across garam chai & pakode to a loved one? We move items, surely. We move hearts too

  • Gifts for your loved ones

It could be a bouquet, or some flowers they like. Sweets & pastries they love. Or maybe a few fancy custom gifts? It can also be modak during Ganeshotsav, new outfits & puja items in Navratri, lanterns & diyas around Diwali.

You gift, we give.

You celebrate, we carry.

You care. We care.

Download Uncle Delivery app now, your one-stop delivery solution for every special occasion. So, what's next? Rakshabandhan is just around the corner. Those rakhis and gifts are a must-share, no matter how far you are. We're right here at your service delivering to get this beautiful bond closer.

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  • Medicines

For all medicines you need last-minute, for all medical supplies you want to stock again, for first-aid & Corona kits and any other necessary medical, you got us, relax! Now your aged parents need not struggle to get their daily medicines restored. We can help you help them with goodness of health 24/7. Note: A reminder to do some good with Uncle Delivery. Help your elderly neighbor stock their medicines today. Order for them on Uncle Delivery app now.

  • Urgent needs

Need something immediately? We understand your urgent need like no one else does. Now you can run errands for your business, home, and personal requirements with Uncle Delivery’s super-fast delivery services. That covers anything and everything from an instant document needed at your office to a last-minute ingredient to be picked up for a feast preparation at home for guests, sending an umbrella for a friend stuck in rain, and picking up your best outfit for a sudden party plan with friends.

  • Pet & plant essentials

Uncle’s delivery support is perfect not just for you but also for your pets and plants. Get pet food, pet accessories, pet grooming equipment, plants, pots, nursery essentials and much more, at just the click of a button. Because, what matters to you, matters to us. And we are proud to partner & help nurture your pets & plants with timely delivery of their daily essentials.

  • Fashion & garment accessories

With all the festivities beginning in just a few weeks from now, be it Rakshabandhan, Ganeshotsav, Krishna Janmashtami, and Navratri, the excitement to shop for new outfits and accessories knows no bounds. How can we miss your secret liking for Didi’s designer ghagra, or your college buddy’s brand-new shoes that you want to try for the Diwali party? Uncle Delivery is your go-to app to pick-up & deliver all you need to look glam for any event, party or gathering!

  • Baby care

Last but not the least, your baby boss deserves only the best. While you need everything done for your little one in the nick of time, we are on our toes to bring all the baby care products that you order, safely to your doorstep. After all, Uncle Delivery = care for every consignment, big or small.

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So, the next time you wanna move what matters to you, think Uncle Delivery!

Same-day delivery- now affordable & easy, download app now!

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